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God Joins the Web of Life
distributed 12/24/14 - ©2014

Dieter Hessel reminds us to stretch our thinking at Christmas. Writing in a chapter titled "A Theology of Deep Incarnation and Reconciliation", he says:

"We begin our reading of the Gospel with the incarnation. ... God becomes flesh, the Creator becomes clay, the Word becomes Earth. The Word incarnate has all the elements of a human body. ... In Jesus, God joins the web of life, becomes part of Earth's biology."

In the celebration of Christmas, may we find -- and create -- grace and good news for the whole web of life.

Eco-Justice Ministries wishes you, and your community, hope and joy in the coming days of celebration and reflection.


Peter Sawtell
Executive Director
Eco-Justice Ministries

In 2014, Christmas and New Years both fall on Thursday, which puts our normal Friday distibution of Eco-Justice Notes on a day when we hope you're not checking your email. One end-of-the-year meditation will be sent out on Tuesday, December 30.

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