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Effective Environmental Choices for Congregations

This page outlines the key points from Responsible Purchasing for Faith Communities by The Center for the New American Dream, 6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 900, Takoma Park, MD 20912   (877) 68-DREAM

The Center for the New American Dream guide provides eight action steps for responsible purchasing, and suggests additional options for continuing work in each of these directions.
  1. Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights.

  2. Use organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee during events and in the office.

  3. Free your congregation from junk mail.

  4. Buy post-consumer waste, recycled, process chlorine-free office paper.

  5. Eliminate pesticide use on the grounds of your house of worship.

  6. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  7. Use recycled content, process chlorine-free paper towels and toilet paper.

  8. Inspire another faith community to participate in the Responsible Purchasing Program.


Other Congregational Actions
Eco-Justice Ministries suggests these other options that go beyond purchasing decisions:
  1. Take reasonable steps to insulate and weatherstrip the building

  2. Use zones for heating and cooling efficiently

  3. Avoid stupid energy-wasting practices (such as propping open a door instead of unlocking it; this may mean making some changes in locks and keys!)

  4. Replace energy-inefficient appliances (note refrigerators & freezers that are more than 10 years old)

  5. Provide (and use) recycling options for aluminum, office paper, etc.

  6. Reduce environmental impacts from lawn & garden (water usage, chemicals)

  7. Include environmental emphases in worship, education, and the church newsletter

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