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Eco-Curriculum Review for the title
Earth-Wise: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues

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Short Description:   Discover how Christians can play a crucial role in maintaining the environment as stewards of Godīs creation. "So,let us join together, not only to explore the dark recesses of creationīs degradations, but also to resurface into the Bibleīs teachings on creationīs care and keeping--and then to ascend into joyful stewardship of the faithful children of God"
Long Description:   Noted environmentalist Calvin B. DeWitt encourages Christians to care for the environment as stewards of Godīs creation. Earth-Wise describes in detail the wonders of Godīs creation and how fallen humanity and modern society have abused it. DeWitt provides biblical and theological perspectives on creation care as well as practical ideas for how Christians can respond to environmental issues. Discussion questions are included, as well as an outline of a workshop session on putting creation care into practice.
Reviewed by:   Diana Kaye Obe, from Pensacoloa, Florida, AA in Biblical Studies from Liberty Christian College

Bibliographic & Purchasing Information
Author:   Calvin B. DeWitt
Publisher:   Faith Alive Christian Resources
Publication date:   2007 (second ed.) Website for this resource:
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Address Faith Alive Christian Resources
2850 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI   49560  
Phone 800-333-8300   Fax 888-642-8606  
Website E-mail  
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Target Audience & Course Sessions
Age levels Preschool    Primary    Jr. High     Sr. High     Adult
NOTE: Our reviewer may have checked a wider age range than specified in the curriculum itself.
Normal number/length of sessions If the curriculum's normal lesson plan is followed, there will be 6 class sessions each lasting about 1.5 hours
In the judgement of the reviewer:
 using these materials, or even just one session from them, a reasonable, coherent and self-contained class can be offered in a single session of about an hour.
 using these materials, a class can be offered that runs for at least two sessions.
Target audience:
 Interfaith - addressed people of many faiths
 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
 Christian - addressed explicitly to Christians
 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content

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