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Short Description:   JustFaith (Ecumenical) is a thirty-week justice education/formation process with a focus on the intersection of faith, spirituality and social responsibility in a world wounded by poverty. Meeting weekly, the process employs books, videos, lecture, discussion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences all set in the context of a small faith community. The intent is to provide a tapestry of learning opportunities that emphasize and enliven the remarkable justice tradition of our faith.
Long Description:   Just Faith provides an ecumenical curriculum which contains a focus area on living simply, and cherishing the creation as a foundation of justice for all people. Three of the thirty weeks are specifically dedicated to principles of treading lightly on the earth and living simply. These three weeks include readings from How Much is Enough? by Arthur Simon, a guest speaker on living simply, and two videos: "Global Banquet: Politics of Food" and "Keeping the Earth." Later on in the curriculum the group will watch "The Man Who Planted Trees." These resources may change on a year-to-year basis but the principles of creation care are a permanent part of the course. It should be noted that one cannot excerpt the three weeks of the course; the course must be taken as a thirty-week whole.
Reviewed by:   Laura Dravenstott, a United Methodist laywoman from Colorado

Bibliographic & Purchasing Information
Author:   Just Faith Ministries, in partnership with Bread for the World
Publisher:   JustFaith Ministries
Publication date:   2008 Website for this resource:
We know of 1 source for purchasing this resource.
Address JustFaith Ministries
P.O. Box 221348
Louisville, KY   40252-1348  
Phone (502) 429-0865   Fax (502) 429-0897  
Website E-mail  
Price $300  Order #  

Target Audience & Course Sessions
Age levels Preschool    Primary    Jr. High     Sr. High     Adult
The reviewer specifies:   Course is mainly for adults but has a high school curriculum
NOTE: Our reviewer may have checked a wider age range than specified in the curriculum itself.
Normal number/length of sessions If the curriculum's normal lesson plan is followed, there will be 30 class sessions each lasting about 2.5 hours
In the judgement of the reviewer:
 it is not reasonable to plan for a single, self-contained class session from these materials.
 using these materials, a class can be offered that runs for at least two sessions.
Target audience:
 Interfaith - addressed people of many faiths
 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
 Christian - addressed explicitly to Christians
 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content
Note: In the opinion of the reviewer, meaningful use of this curriculum is largely confined to members of the denomination or agency that developed it , Just Faith Ministries and Bread for the World .
For example, it may explore a denominational policy statement.

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