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Eco-Curriculum Review for the title
The Greening of Faith: Why the Environment is a Christian Concern (video #1)

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Short Description:   Part 1 of a two-video collection that explores the religious dimensions of caring for the earth. Theologians and environmentalists offer helpful ecumenical perspectives on one of the most pressing and exciting areas of faith and ethics. Detailed study guides included.
Long Description:   Stunning nature photography and the haunting music of Peter Kater, R. Carlos Nakai and Chris White flavor this sumptuous feast of creation themes.

The video delves into Biblical foundations for ecology, creation spirituality in the Christian tradition, nature as sacramental and a source of Godís wisdom, and the reconnection of faith and science. One of the main points is that scientific knowledge is extremely important, but is not enough to maintain a healthy planet. Many of the drivers of destruction are best addressed by religion for it has to do with Godís desire for the planet, human self-concept, morality and action. Science and faith can be strong allies in the preservation and valuing of the natural world. The Church can talk about God and these issues with spiritual wisdom. When is the Church going to realize that earth care is a calling for us?

The video comes with a study guide that engages viewers in deeper discussion of the issues and themes raised. This content will generate more dialogue than a single session can encompass, so the video is useful for more than a single viewing.

One key proposition of the video is that the enormous environmental problems being faced by society will not be resolved by science alone. The environmental crisis requires a deep transformation of both outlook and behavior, and this personal reshaping to a more loving and responsive relationship with the creation is something religion plays a major role in that science, economics and politics does not fully address. This issue of caring for creation is a matter of great importance for people of faith. Our belief in God really matters, when it comes to our way of life and concern for others, both human and all of creation.

The video invites persons into a broader familiarity with the Scriptures, and how failure to fully understand our own sacred wisdom contributes to the destruction of other forms of life. Some texts have been interpreted in ways that have contributed to the destruction of the earth; it is important for us to recognize that part of the story and look more carefully at the scripture and our teachings. The study guide invites discussion of What does the Bible say?; Creation and Worship; From Individual Salvation to Cosmic Salvation; Humans as Co-Creators with God; Made in the Image of God Ė What does it mean?; the Sacredness of the physical as well as the spiritual; Science and Religion; and The Web of Life.

The discussion strategy is to give viewers the opportunity to respond to what they react to most strongly in what they saw and to share their own perspectives. The discussion then continues by replaying portions of the tape with specific questions to dialogue about or to cite quotes from the video and discuss those. The resource also lists other written, musical, and audio visual resources that persons may want to utilize.

Reviewed by:   Kevin Witt, a United Methodist clergyman from Oregon

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 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
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 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content
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