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Eco-Curriculum Review for the title
For God So Loves the World: Peacemaking and the Care of God's Creation

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Short Description:   An interactive resource that is focused on the Biblical mandate to cherish Godīs creation. User-friendly material for older youth and adults. Published by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.
Long Description:   There are six study sessions on the care of creation. Each session is based on selected biblical passages. All participants will need a Bible.

Session 1: God creates (Gen 1:1-2.4, John 3:16 Colossians 1:15-20)
Session 2: God reveals (Ps 19, Rom 1:20, Matt 6:25-34, John 3:5-8, Lk 8:22-25, 13:18-19)
Session 3: God gives freedom (Gen 2:4-25, Job 38-42)
Session 4: God mourns the brokenness (Rom 8:18-25, Jer 7:18-28, 31)
Session 5: God offers rest and peace (Gen 2:1-3, Ex 20:8-11, Lev 25)
Session 6: God redeems (Is 40-55, Ps 104; Col 1:20, Rev 21)

Reviewed by:   Pat Townsend, a Presbyterian laywoman and college professor from New York

Bibliographic & Purchasing Information
Author:   Vera K. White, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
Publisher:   Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
Publication date:   1996 or 1997 Website for this resource:
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Target Audience & Course Sessions
Age levels Preschool    Primary    Jr. High    Sr. High     Adult
Normal number/length of sessions If the curriculum's normal lesson plan is followed, there will be 6 class sessions each lasting about 60 minutes
In the judgement of the reviewer:
 using these materials, or even just one session from them, a reasonable, coherent and self-contained class can be offered in a single session of about an hour.
 using these materials, a class can be offered that runs for at least two sessions.
Target audience:
 Interfaith - addressed people of many faiths
 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
 Christian - addressed explicitly to Christians
 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content
Note: The reviewer says that this curriculum is especially appropriate for members of the denomination or agency that developed it (PCUSA). For example, it may explore a denominational policy statement. The reviewer also believes that it is possible for groups outside that tradition to make good use these materials.

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