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Eco-Curriculum Review for the title
Food and Faith

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Short Description:   In a rare collection of voices, the authors of Food and Faith prompt us to explore the meaning of our meals. Together with a helpful study guide,Food and Faith points to promising directions both individuals and communities can take to bring about a healthier and more equitable world through the food we eat.
Long Description:   The rich bounty and sacred gift of food is explored in Michael Schutís anthology and accompanying Study Guide, entitled, Food and Faith: justice, joy and daily bread. An array of inter-connected themes expressed through a diversity of notable authors including Wendell Berry, M.F.K. Fisher, Thomas Moore, Eric Schlosser, Vandana Shiva, David Suzuki and Gary Snyder celebrate the sacramental nature of food, its tantalizing flavors, and its nurturing qualities to help strengthen human relationships and build community. From caring for the land to worker and animal rights, the collection of essays candidly share the politics and economics of food, its production and whatís happening to Godís creation between the farms and our tables. As we take to heart and health the Biblical views of creation, the more sustainable food choices we make and the actions we take can help to heal creation. Likewise, the community building study guide enables individuals, families and groups to more intentionally purchase, prepare and prayerfully enjoy their food. As we practice a more just peace through our food choices and actions, we also move closer toward alleviating world hunger.

Bibliographic & Purchasing Information
Author:   Michael Schut, editor
Publisher:   Earth Ministry
Publication date:   2006 Website for this resource:
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Address Alternatives for Simple Living
0038 Deer Path Rd
PO Box 3804
Dillon, CO   80435-3804  
Phone 800-821-6153   970-468-2375 Fax 970-513-6883  
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Address Earth Ministry
6512 23rd Ave NW
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Target Audience & Course Sessions
Age levels Preschool    Primary    Jr. High     Sr. High     Adult
The reviewer specifies:   Reinforces critical thinking and academic skills
NOTE: Our reviewer may have checked a wider age range than specified in the curriculum itself.
Normal number/length of sessions If the curriculum's normal lesson plan is followed, there will be 4 to 6 class sessions each lasting about 50 to 60 minutes
In the judgement of the reviewer:
 using these materials, or even just one session from them, a reasonable, coherent and self-contained class can be offered in a single session of about an hour.
 using these materials, a class can be offered that runs for at least two sessions.
Target audience:
 Interfaith - addressed people of many faiths
 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
 Christian - addressed explicitly to Christians
 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content
Note: The reviewer says that this curriculum is especially appropriate for members of the denomination or agency that developed it (Earth Ministry). For example, it may explore a denominational policy statement. The reviewer also believes that it is possible for groups outside that tradition to make good use these materials.

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