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Eco-Curriculum Review for the title
Ever-Expanding Circles: A Stewardship Video Curriculum for Youth

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Short Description:   A stewardship video/DVD curriculum for youth in five parts. Explores the relationship between people as friends and neighbors and extends to the individual’s relationship with other people and the earth.
Long Description:   Ever Expanding Circles is a 5 part video/DVD that is the center piece of this curriculum. It is segmented into 5 minute units designed to “help young people between the ages of 10 and 14 discover how the bible concept of stewardship relates to their everyday lives.” The video is accompanied by a curriculum, also segmented into 5 units.

The video follows a group of seven young people who come together from different communities to spend a weekend of activities focused around ecology, and mission. The video has been crafted from the point of view of these young people as they express in word and action how stewardship relates to their day-to-day lives.

The video seeks to capture some of the humor and exuberance of young people who are moving into adolescence. By design the curriculum is an inquisitive and open-ended study whose theological and social implication have relevance for an ecumenical audience.

Using the video segments as a starting point, each of the five sessions contains a Video Summary, a section called Biblical Reflections with related scriptural passages and a brief Bible Study, and a section called Teaching Approach & Alternative to assist group leaders in planning appropriate follow-up activities after viewing the tape.

Reviewed by:   David Blumenkrantz, a United Church of Christ layman from Connecticut

Bibliographic & Purchasing Information
Author:   Rev. Robert Chase, Stewardship Education Congregational Ministries Division, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Publication date:   circa 2004 Website for this resource:   none known
We know of 1 source for purchasing this resource.
Address Presbyterian Distribution Service
Presbyterian Church (USA)
100 Witherspoon St.
Louisville, KY   40202-1396  
Phone 800-524-2612   Fax  
Website E-mail    
Price $19.95  Order # 7037097502 - F006 

Target Audience & Course Sessions
Age levels Preschool     Primary     Jr. High    Sr. High    Adult
The reviewer specifies:   The guide reports ages of 10 to 14
NOTE: Our reviewer may have checked a wider age range than specified in the curriculum itself.
Normal number/length of sessions If the curriculum's normal lesson plan is followed, there will be 5 class sessions
In the judgement of the reviewer:
 it is not reasonable to plan for a single, self-contained class session from these materials.
 using these materials, a class can be offered that runs for at least two sessions.
Target audience:
 Interfaith - addressed people of many faiths
 Judeo-Christian - addressed to Jews & Christians
 Christian - addressed explicitly to Christians
 Not explicity faith-based - not much religious content
Note: The reviewer says that this curriculum is especially appropriate for members of the denomination or agency that developed it (Presbyterian Church). For example, it may explore a denominational policy statement. The reviewer also believes that it is possible for groups outside that tradition to make good use these materials.

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